Join our Million-Dollar Pick-6 Syndicate Now!

Picking the winner of 6 straight horse races is no easy task for the little guy with limited financial power. But Winner's Club International has created the Million Dollar Pick Six Syndicate for the express purpose of enabling members to participate in and win America's biggest Pick-6 Rollover Jackpots.

Limited Time Offer: Charter Membership for just $29!

You'll receive:

  • - an exclusive membership card
  • - 2 initial plays in the next Syndicate bet.
International Pick 6 Club Membership Card

That's the beauty of joining our MILLION DOLLAR PICK SIX SYNDICATE --- you don't have to know anything about horse racing. Our in-house handicapper – a 30-year veteran of the horse racing industry - is ready to ply his skill and knowledge on your behalf.

Join Winners Club International NOW! Here's Why:

In his very first handicapping competition of 2010, our expert won the NTRA National Handicapping Championship online qualifier earning a berth in the World Championship of Handicapping, and The NHC Finals, held in Las Vegas in January. Since then, we've had over a hundred winning tickets assigned to our membership for cash distributions – over $ 200,000 worth of winnings from 2011 to 2015.

WCI brought about $ 37,529.10 worth of winnings to 19 players, including one player who won $ 29,752.38. And another big win for one of our regulars on August 7, 2011 who won $ 7,111.86. The year 2011 alone brought about $ 51,420.44 total winnings to WCI players. On July 6, 2012, WCI racked up another 19 wins - including a $12,462.00 prize - at Belmont. We had another 23 winners at Del Mar Racetrack on July 22nd, with a top prize of $7,649.40. On August 8, 2012, another WCI member won a 6/6 prize of $14,472.80 while another 19 players won the 5/6 consolation payouts. And on August 31st, another four WCI members each won $1,616.00.

2013 was a big year for all racers and players alike as WCI members rolled in $44,987.88 worth of winnings – including one winner who took home $10,973.90 on July 24, 2013. And on November 1, 2013 we had 4 players take home a total of $ 3,160.64 worth of winnings from one race alone.

13 lucky winners experienced the same application of horse racing knowledge on February 27, 2014, and one player went home with $14,064.12.

On May 2, 2015, WCI is, once again, proud to bring about one of our biggest winners who took home $ 64,925.60 from the Kentucky Derby, and 10 other lucky regulars won $ 10,662.80 in consolation prizes from the same race.

These winning wagers have been verified and confirmed by our Board of Trustees. This 30-year veteran of the racing industry will now be playing his horse racing expertise and Proprietary Wagering System exclusively for the benefit of Winners Club International members. So join the Winners Club today and get ready to be the next big winner of our Pick-6 wagers!



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